Ahhhh…here we come. Once again, i am going to give out two SUPERGOO LIVE AUTOGRAPHED DVDs plus whatever line you request me to write on it, from my blog.

Ok, so here’s the deal. The way to enter this particular contest is to subscribe to our blog’s mailing list. On the sidebar on the right hand side of this blog, scroll down, and you will see a spot where you can subscribe to us.

Gonna give a day or two to everyone who hasn’t subscribed to do so, and i will send the contest instructions to all our dear subscribers! (Hint : on top of winning the DVD, you might also have the chance to be featured on our blog! Or even become a contributor! Isn’t that crazily luring?)

YAYYYYYYYYY~~~!!!!!!!!! READY, SET, GO!!!!!!!

p.s whoever has the time and interest to translate this blog for me can do so and i will post it for all those who can’t read english.




好!再來一次SUPERGOO簽名DVD大贈送!一如以往將會送出2隻簽名SUPERGOO DVD, 另加你想我寫的任何說話!

參賽資格: 首先要Subscribe(訂閱) GOOBLOG!
請移玉步到本blog右下方「Subscribe」一欄, 用電郵訂閱GOOBLOG!

(溫馨提示: 除有機會贏得DVD外, 更有機會登上本BLOG甚至落手落腳一齊寫!真是非常非常吸引啊!!)

YEAH!!!快快快行動啦!!!! )