Christmas is once again approaching us, it is arriving in three days’ time; ppl are hurrying to get everything done before the holidays, which we can notice with the crazy traffic everywhere these days.

Come to think of it, it has been quite a few years since i last deliberately prepared presents for all my friends. As we age and grow older, we gradually forget all the festive rituals…at most it would be only at parties that we would hv the time to prepare one present for the exchange game. Seems like life and work has sucked away the time and energy needed to show our love for our family n friends.

At the beginning of this month, i stole a few days of holiday, n got the chance to get some small gifts for many of my friends. The presents somehow meant that i was thinking about them at various moments, and that is really what counts.

How about you all? How long has it been since u last bought christmas presents for ur friends? Well it is never too late…maybe we could try this: think of one person who is dear to you, then think of a small simple gift that u can get easily for this person, (could be a card, an orange, a book, whatever small thing that you could easily get but could show ur thoughts) and deliver it to him/her on christmas day.

Simple enough? Let’s do it!

P.s. I would be happy enough if someone bought me the freshly made 冰糖葫蘆, hehe!!!