Hi ppl, i am back home.

Gonna stay for two days then gonna leave for 河南 for the second stop of our drama’s China tour. Really quite exhausted with these two showings in Shenzhen, with the one month gap in between, i guess it took even more energy to get back into the whole momentum. But i am pretty happy with my performance tonight, as i missionned myself to get into the story as much as possible, and i quite believe that up to now, tonight was the best personnal.

As Edward says, we are like the child who depended on the learner’s wheels (= hk audience’s crazy response : P ) , but now that we are taken away that privilege of having 100% concentrated audiences,  we have to start to really depend on ourselves to get the bicycle going. And i believe we are, and will, doing a great job. Dear teammates, i am proud of you all!

Okee, glad that i’m gonna have two days back home before i run again. This was a tremendously fruitful second half of year, not gonna let it stop here, it’s gonna be a really busy December for hocc.