I am sorry, i know i have said this many times during these two days, i must say this over and over again. It’s really pissing me off.

What gives them the right to change the privacy policy and let everyone see everyone else’s profile, removing the option of “only friend” and letting “friends of friends’ to request you as friend? Read this twitter post saying that the officials from facebook said that they changed the settings so that they could get the expansion like they did in 2006 when facebook went out to the mass from the original college database. Oh yeah sure, come on, expand yourself at the cost of ur users’ privacy.

Dont forget one thing, facebook consists completely of the content of its users, you have nothing if not because of us, how dare you disrespect everyone and do like you can just change whatever you want and that we have no choice but to accept them. Well, lemme tell you something that you might have forgotten along the way, you have offered us the ‘deactivate’ button ever since the beginning, and most of us are aware of that function, and it is just one click away to say bye bye forever to you. Easy as that.

Gonna give it a two days, if nothing changes then it’s bye bye personal account.